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Check your voter registration status
Questions? Call
PADems Voter Assistance Hotline:  1-833-PA VOTES 
Lycoming County Voter Services Office (570) 327-2267

Where's my Polling Place? Find it HERE

All Registered PA Voters can Vote-by-Mail (no excuse required)
1. APPLY for your Mail-In Ballot online HERE
Your completed application must be INSIDE Williamsport's
 Voter Services Office by (TBA, 2023)
2. Watch your mail for your Ballot from Voter Services
3. Vote your Ballot then mail it back to Voter Services

Your voted ballot must be INSIDE Williamsport's
Voter Services Office by (TBA, 2023).

For your mail-in vote to be counted, you MUST:
1. Place your (black-pen voted) ballot inside the plain secrecy envelope.
2. Place the sealed plain secrecy envelope inside the mailing envelope.
3. Complete and sign the declaration on the back of mailing envelope.
4. Mail or deliver it (in person) to Lycoming County Voter Services.

See short video instruction
Or you may apply for, vote, and submit a Mail-in Ballot in person at:
Lycoming County Voter Services
Physical office: 33 West Third St. Williamsport
  (570) 327-2267
APPLICATION for mail-in ballot must be INSIDE Voter Services Office by 5pm on (TBA),  2023.
VOTED mail-in BALLOT must be INSIDE Voter Services Office by 8pm on (TBA), 2023.

[Your election-day polling place can NOT accept mail-in ballots.
      You may take your mail-in ballot package (3 parts) to your polling place on election day to be voided;
then you may vote there as usual.
If you do not have the mail-in ballot you applied for, you can still vote
at your polling place using a "Provisional Ballot".]

Track your Mail-In-Ballot status: https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/Pages/BallotTracking.aspx

DEADLINE to Register to Vote in the 2023 Primary Election
is (TBA) 2023

    5 Ways You Can Register to Vote:  

1. ONLINE - click:   register.votesPA.com                  
   (You can also change your name, address, or party affiliation online.)

    2. IN PERSON at the Office of Voter Services in Third Street Plaza,
         33 West Third Street, Williamsport.
  Mon-Fri 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

3. IN PERSON at the Department of Motor Vehicles,                  
when you renew or apply for a Driver's License                 

       4. BY MAILING in your completed voter registration form.             
                     Request the form from the Office of Voter Services at 570-327-2267


McKenna Long, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Ross Hemmendinger,
Vice Chair
Amanda Waldman, Secretary
State Democratic Committee-person:  David C. Raker