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United States
Senator for Pennsylvania

Robert P. Casey, Jr.

Governor of
Tom Wolf
Attorney General
Josh Shapiro


Joe Torsella
Auditor General

Eugene DePasquale
 Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Christine Donohue
Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Kevin Dougherty

Pennsylvania Supreme Court

David Wecht
Pennsylvania Superior Court

Alice Beck Dubow
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court
Michael Wojcik

 Lycoming County
Board of Commissioners

Rick Mirabito

Magistrate - District 29-1-01
Christian Frey, Esq.

 Democratic School Board Directors:

East Lycoming School District Region 1 -
Richard J. Bradley
East Lycoming School District Region 1 - Michael M. Mamrak
East Lycoming School District Region 3 -
Richard Michael
Jersey Shore School District Region 2 - Denise D. Smith

Loyalsock Township School District  - John B. Raymond
Montgomery Area School District Region 1 - Jonathan DeSantis
Montgomery Area School District Region 1 -
Michael A. Wright
Montoursville School District Region 1 -
Ronald E. Snell
Muncy School District (Muncy Boro) - Lisa A. Sleboda
Muncy School District (Muncy Creek) -
Mary C. Bennardi
South Williamsport School District Region 3-
Cathy Bachman
Williamsport Area School District - Nancy S. Somers
Williamsport Area School District - Scott R. Williams
Williamsport Area School District - Jerene A. Milliken

Williamsport (County Seat) Democratic Officials

City of Williamsport
Liz Miele

Williamsport 2 Democratic Committee-woman - Verna L. Caruso
Williamsport 3 Constable- Daniel R. Fackler

Williamsport 3 Democratic Committee-man - William F. McConnell
Williamsport 7 Democratic Committee-woman - Michele S. Stone
Williamsport 8 Democratic Committee-man - Robert Cross
Williamsport 8 Democratic Committee-woman - Ardythe K. Cross
Williamsport 9 Democratic Committee-man - W. Augustus Wilson
Williamsport 10 Democratic Committee-woman - Erin M. Hubbard
Williamsport 11 Democratic Committee-man - John A. Mussare
Williamsport 11 Democratic Committee-woman - Lorna M. Arrington-Bryant
Williamsport 12 Democratic Committee-man - Thomas R. Joyce
Williamsport 13 Democratic Committee-woman - Alison Duncan Hirsch
Williamsport 14 Democratic Committee-woman - Samantha King Wallace
Williamsport 15 Democratic Committee-man - Elliott B.Weiss
Williamsport 15 Democratic Committee-woman - Matilda Noviello
Williamsport 16 Democratic Committee-man - Kenneth L. Sarch
Williamsport 17 Constable - F. Patrick Marty
Williamsport 17 Democratic Committee-man - William J. Miele
Williamsport 17 Democratic Committee-woman - Mary Ellen B. Miele

Borough and Township Democratic Officials

Anthony Township Democratic Committee-man - Thomas A. Praster
Anthony Township Democratic Committee-woman - Rebecca A. Praster

Armstrong Township Constable -
Allen E. Hamm
Bastress Township Supervisors - John Deitrick;  Terry L. Gamble
Brown Township Supervisors -   Donald P. Dodd; Dennis W. Paucke
Cascade Township Constable - Joseph M. Colucci
Cascade Township Auditor - Rebecca A Stugart
Clinton Township Supervisor - Lanny D. Wertz
Clinton Township 1 Democratic Committee-woman - Dianne L. Peeling
Cummings Township Supervisor - John L. Gasperine
Duboistown Borough Council - James L. Barger; John W. Yeagle
Duboistown Borough Democratic Committee-woman - Lori A. Wingrove
Eldred Township Constable - Clyde E. Phipps
Eldred Township Democratic Committee-man - Charles R. Carter
Eldred Township Democratic Committee-woman - Jeannette F. Carter

Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-man - V. Michael Heyd
Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-woman - Mary L. Sieminski
Franklin Township Supervisor - Gifford L. Houser lll; Aaron Ritter
Franklin Township Auditor - Scott W. Ritter
Hepburn Township Democratic Committee-man - H. Paul Shuch
Hughesville Borough Mayor - Walter S. Reed
Hughesville Borough Council 1st Ward -
Jeffrey W. Berger
Hughesville Borough Council 2nd Ward - Jerry L. Daughterty
Jackson Township Supervisor - David L. Zeafla 
Jackson Township Auditor - Glenda J. Hebe
Jackson Township Democratic Committee-man - Scott F. Brion
Jersey Shore Borough Council 2nd Ward - Janet L. Barnhart
Jersey Shore Borough Council  3rd Ward - Kenneth J. Scheesley; Sean M. Simcox
Jersey Shore Borough 1 Constable - Arthur F. Robison
Jersey Shore Borough 3 Democratic Committee-man - Sean M. Sincox
Jersey Shore Borough 3 Democratic Committee-woman - Nina L. Simcox
Jordan Township Supervisor - Gregory R. Stroup
Jordan Township Auditor - Jeannette L. Stroup

Jordan Township Democratic Committee-woman - Carol Ann Troisi
Lewis Township Auditor - Carol A. Prentiss          
Limestone Township Supervisor - Dale L. Winter
Limestone Township Constable - John H. Engel
Limestone Township Democratic Committee-man - Arno D. Vosk
Loyalsock Township 4 Democratic Committee-man - Frederick W. Schulze
Loyalsock Township 4 Democratic Committee-woman - Rebecca 'Sprite' McLaughlin
Loyalsock Township 6 Democratic Committee-man - Leonard R. Collins
Loyalsock Township 6 Democratic Committee-woman - Regina M. Collins
McIntyre Township Supervisors - Daniel P. Clark; Gary T. Jones
McNett Township Constable - John H. Brandenberger lll
McNett Township Auditor - John H. Brandenberger III
Mifflin Township Auditor - Suzanne E. Forcey

Mill Creek Township Democratic Committee- man - Joseph O. Smith
Mill Creek Township Democratic Committee-woman - Elizabeth A. Downey
Montgomery Borough Council - Lamont W. Wertz
Montgomery Borough Democratic Committee-woman - Marissa K-N Dietrich
Montoursville Borough 1 Democratic Committee-woman - Judith A. Brague Deacon
Montoursville Borough 3 Constable - Harold E. Gottshall ll
Montoursville Borough 3 Democratic Committee-man - James M. Vanik
Moreland Township Constable - Dale R. Sones
Moreland Township Democratic Committee-man - George Holecek
Moreland Township Democratic Committee-woman - Yvon Holecek

Muncy Borough Council  Members - Matilda L. Noviello; Karen Richards
Muncy Creek Township Constable - Zachary J. Barto
Muncy Creek Township Democratic Committee-man - Earnest D. Wright
Muncy Creek Township Democratic Committee-woman - Michele A. Wright
Muncy Township Auditor - Edith A. Gilbert

Nippenose Township Democratic Committee-man - Stephen K. Muthler
Nippenose Township Democratic Committee-woman - Deborah A. Muthler
Old Lycoming Township Supervisor - Sam R. Aungst; Linda D. Mazzullo
Old Lycoming Township 1 Democratic Committee-man - David C. Raker
Old Lycoming Township 1 Democratic Committee-woman -
Helen E. Gould
Old Lycoming Township 2 Democratic Committee-woman - Amber J. Fagles
Penn Township Supervisor - Keith L. Shaner
Penn Township Auditor - Kathie J. Frantz
Penn Township Auditor (2-yr) - Cindy K. Shaner
Penn Township Democratic Committee-woman - Alison M. Rupert
Piatt Township Auditor - Darrin Haldeman
Picture Rocks Borough Democratic Committee-woman - Linda K. Sosniak

Plunketts Creek Township Supervisor -  John Blair; James E. Etzel Jr.
Salladasburg Borough Mayor - Douglas Ellsworth
Salladasburg Borough Council - Jon H. Flook;  David S. Flook; Todd L. Whitehill
Salladasburg Auditor (4-yr) - Gary L. Heyd
Shrewsbury Township Supervisor - Garry G. Ryder
Shrewsbury Township Constable - Larry C. Peterman

 South Williamsport Mayor - David J. Lechniak
South Williamsport Borough 2 Council - Albert D. Morrison III
South Williamsport Borough 2-1 Dem. Committee-woman - Carie Plankenhorn Choate
South Williamsport Borough 2-2 Democratic Committee-woman - Nancy W. Larson
South Williamsport Borough 3 Council - J. Bernard Schelb
South Williamsport Borough 3 Democratic Committee-man - Robert I. Herzenberg
Susquehanna Township Supervisor - Michael L. Steinbacher
Upper Fairfield Township Supervisor - Myron H. Ellison
Upper Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-man - C. Fred Welch
Upper Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-woman - Roxanne Y. Criswell
Washington Township Supervisor - Kenneth J. Bashista; George J. Ulrich
Watson Township Auditor - Alice L. Norman (4-yr)
Watson Township Auditor - Dawn M. Hedges (2-yr)

Wolf Township Supervisor - Dean L. Barto
Wolf Township Constable - Robert D. Kolbrich
Wolf Township Democratic Committee-man - Scott C. Aderhold
Wolf Township Democratic Committee-woman - Leann M. Karschner
Woodward Township Democratic Committee-man - Kevin E. Dunklemerger
Woodward Township Democratic Committee-woman - Jane E. Swartz-Rishel

This page is under construction; please check back for more Democratic office holders.
Attention Office Holders: Please submit your photo by attaching it to this email

Verna Caruso, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Tom Praster, Vice Chair
Alison Rupert, Secretary
State Committee Person:  David C. Raker