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         United States President  Joe BIDEN  
 (through January 20, 2025)  

             United States Vice President  Kamala HARRIS  
 (through January 20, 2025)  

U.S. Senator for PA   Robert P. CASEY, Jr. 
(through January 3, 2025)
      PA Governor        Tom WOLF  
           (through January 17, 2023)   
 PA Lieutenant Governor   John FETTERMAN
(through January 17, 2023)
       PA Attorney General   Josh SHAPIRO
(through January 21, 2025)

   Lycoming County Commissioner Rick MIRABITO
     (through December 31, 2023)

Williamsport (County Seat) Democratic Officials

   City of Williamsport Mayor  Derek SLAUGHTER
(through December 31, 2023)

City Council-Members:  Jon MACKEY (through December 31, 2023)  
                                       Liz MIELE
  (through December 31, 2025)  

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PA State Democratic Committee-member for Lycoming County:
David C. RAKER

Lycoming County Democratic Committee-members
(May 2022 through May 2026)
Bastress Township: Doris Anderman
Clinton Township:
Dianne Peeling
Hughesville Borough 1st Ward: Jade Brown
Hughesville Borough 2nd Ward: Ryan Czekaj and McKenna Long

Loyalsock Township 2nd Ward: Susan Fulton
Loyalsock Township 3rd Ward: Robert Lynn, Jr.

Loyalsock Township 4th Ward: Lauren Baumann Frisco
Loyalsock Township 5th Ward: Megan Reynolds

Loyalsock Township 6th Ward: Natasha R. Alligood-Percoco
Loyalsock Township 7th Ward: Leonard R. Collins and Regina M. Collins
Lycoming Township: Irene C. Harrison
Mill Creek Township: Joseph O. Smith and Elizabeth Anstadt Downey
MontgomeryBorough: Laurel Green
Montoursville Borough 3rd Ward: Sere Altebrando
Moreland Township: George Holecek and Yvon Holecek
Muncy Creek Township: Stephen McCoy and Vicki Eshleman
Nippenose Township:
Stephen K. Muthler and Deborah A. Muthler
Old Lycoming Township 1st Ward: David C. Raker and Connie S. Livingston
Penn Township: Alison M. Rupert
Piatt Township: Raye L. Bierly

Picture Rocks Borough: Linda K. Sosniak
Washington Township: Gregory West and Gaye Jenkins
Wolf Township: Damon McCloskey

Woodward Township: William W. Fenderson

Williamsport City 6th Ward: Robert Cross and Sharon Koons
Williamsport City 7th Ward: Dan Mason and Ardis Mason

Williamsport City 8th Ward: Tiasha J. Machuga
Williamsport City 9th Ward: Mary A. Wright
Williamsport City 10th Ward: Frank Steckel and Constance Robinson

Williamsport City 11th Ward: Barbara E. Hemmendinger
Williamsport City 12th Ward: Jeffrey D. Newman and Karen Kirk-Newman
Williamsport City 13th Ward: David Wilk

McKenna Long, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Ross Hemmendinger,
Vice Chair
Amanda Waldman, Secretary
State Democratic Committee-person:  David C. Raker