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United States
Senator for Pennsylvania

Robert P. Casey, Jr.

Governor of
Tom Wolf
Attorney General
Josh Shapiro


Joe Torsella
Auditor General

Eugene DePasquale
Pennsylvania Supreme Court:

Christine Donohue

Kevin Dougherty

David Wecht

Debra McCloskey Todd

Pennsylvania Superior Court:

Alice Beck Dubow

Deborah A. Kunselman 

Maria McLaughlin

Carolyn Nichols
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court
Michael Wojcik

Ellen Ceisler

 Lycoming County
Board of Commissioners

Rick Mirabito

Magistrate - District 29-1-01
Christian Frey, Esq.

 Democratic School Board Directors:

East Lycoming School District Region 1 -
Richard J. Bradley
East Lycoming School District Region 1 - Michael A. Mamrak
East Lycoming School District Region 3 -
Richard L. Michael
East Lycoming School District Region 3 - Lisa K. McClintock
Loyalsock Township School District  - John B. Raymond
Loyalsock Township School District    -    Chip Edmonds
Loyalsock Township School District - Melvin E. Wentzel
Montgomery Area School District Region 1 - Jonathan DeSantis
Montgomery Area School District Region 1  -
  Michael A. Wright
Montoursville School District Region 1 -
Ronald E. Snell
Montoursville School District Region 2    -   Susan Beery
Muncy School District (Muncy Borough) - Lisa A. Sleboda
South Williamsport School District Region 1 - Airneezer Page
South Williamsport School District Region 3-
Cathy Bachman
 Williamsport Area School District -
Dr. Nancy Story Somers
Williamsport Area School District      -    Jerene A. Milliken

Democratic Williamsport (County Seat) Officials

City of Williamsport
Liz Miele
City of Williamsport
Derek Slaughter

Williamsport 2 Democratic Committee-woman - Verna L. Caruso
Williamsport 3 Constable                              -    Daniel R. Fackler

Williamsport 3 Democratic Committee-man - William F. McConnell
Williamsport 3 Judge of Elections       -        William F. McConnell
Williamsport 3 Inspector of Elections         -         Mark Stephens
Williamsport 4 Judge of Elections - William Walker Jr.
Williamsport 4 Inspector of Elections     -   Stiles Miller
Williamsport 7 Democratic Committee-woman - Michele S. Stone
Williamsport 8 Democratic Committee-man      -       Robert Cross
Williamsport 8 Democratic Committee-woman - Ardythe K. Cross
Williamsport 8 Inspector of Elections          -          Ann M. Allison
Williamsport 9 Democratic Committee-man - W. Augustus Wilson
Williamsport 10 Democratic Committee-woman - Erin M. Hubbard
Williamsport 10 Inspector of Elections        -        Janice D. Kuzio
Williamsport 11 Democratic Committee-man          -          John A. Mussare
Williamsport 11 Democratic Committee-woman - Lorna M. Arrington-Bryant
Williamsport 11 Inspector of Elections            -             Bonita C. Mahoney
Williamsport 12 Democratic Committee-man - Thomas R. Joyce
Williamsport 12 Inspector of Elections      -     Thomas R. Joyce
Williamsport 13 Democratic Committee-woman - Alison Duncan Hirsch
Williamsport 13 Judge of Elections           -         Alison Duncan Hirsch
Williamsport 14 Democratic Committee-woman - Samantha King Wallace
Williamsport 15 Democratic Committee-man    -    Elliott B.Weiss
Williamsport 15 Democratic Committee-woman -
Matilda Noviello
Williamsport 15 Judge of Elections          -          Theresa Neylon
Williamsport 16 Democratic Committee-man - Kenneth L. Sarch
Williamsport 16 Judge of Elections       -
      Pamela R. Jensen
Williamsport 17 Constable                   -                   F. Patrick Marty
Williamsport 17 Democratic Committee-man      -      William J. Miele
Williamsport 17 Democratic Committee-woman -
Mary Ellen B. Miele

Williamsport 17 Judge of Elections          -          June K. Zimmerman

Williamsport Charter Commissioner - F. Patrick Marty
Williamsport Government Study Commissioners -
Jennifer Ayers, Alison Duncan Hirsch, Jon Mackey, Ardis J. P. Mason,
Matilda Noviello, Ralph Mark Stephens, Margaret Tupper


Democratic Borough and Township Officials

Anthony Township Democratic Committee-man    -   Thomas A. Praster
Anthony Township Democratic Committee-woman - Rebecca A. Praster

Armstrong Township Constable            -
           Allen E. Hamm
Armstrong Township Judge of Elections - Barbara A. Naughton
Bastress Township Supervisors - John Deitrick;  Terry L. Gamble
Brady Township Judge of Elections - JoAnn Murray
Brown Township Supervisors -   Donald P. Dodd; Dennis W. Paucke
Brown Township Judge of Elections          -          Eleanor L. Paucke
Cascade Township Constable   -    Joseph M. Colucci

Cascade Township Auditor     -      Rebecca A Stugart
Cascade Township Judge of Elections - Dona M. Blair
Cascade Twp. Tax Collector      -     Sandra L. McNeil

Clinton Township Supervisor                   -                  Lanny D. Wertz
Clinton Township 1 Democratic Committee-woman - Dianne L. Peeling
Cummings Township Supervisor - John L. Gasperine
Duboistown Borough Council      -     James L. Barger; John W. Yeagle

Duboistown Borough Democratic Committee-woman - Lori A. Wingrove
Eldred Township Constable                  -                   Clyde E. Phipps
Eldred Township Democratic Committee-man     -    Charles R. Carter
Eldred Township Democratic Committee-woman - Jeannette F. Carter

 Eldred Twp. Inspector of Elections            -             Louann M. Confer
Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-man    -    V. Michael Heyd
Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-woman - Mary L. Sieminski
Franklin Township Supervisor - Gifford L. Houser lll; Aaron Ritter
Franklin Township Auditor                 -                 Scott W. Ritter
Hepburn Township Democratic Committee-man -
H. Paul Shuch
Hepburn Twp. Judge of Elections         -          Clyde W. Schon
 Hepburn Twp. Inspector of Elections          -          Fern L. Schon

Hughesville Borough Mayor             -           Walter S. Reed
Hughesville Borough Council 1st Ward  -  
Jeffrey W. Berger
Hughesville Borough Council 2nd Ward - Jerry L. Daughterty
Jackson Township Supervisor            -            David L. Zeafla 
Jackson Township Supervisor              -           Troy A. Repard
Jackson Township Auditor               -               Glenda J. Hebe
Jackson Township Democratic Committee-man - Scott F. Brion
Jersey Shore Borough Council 2nd Ward                 -                 Janet L. Barnhart
Jersey Shore Borough Council  3rd Ward - Kenneth J. Scheesley; Sean M. Simcox
Jersey Shore Borough 1 Constable                     -                      Arthur F. Robison

Jersey Shore Borough 3 Democratic Committee-man          -          Sean M. Sincox
Jersey Shore Borough 3 Democratic Committee-woman         -       
Nina L. Simcox
Jersey Shore 3 Judge of Elections                        -                        Nina L. Simcox
Jordan Township Supervisor                -               Gregory R. Stroup
Jordan Township Auditor                 -                 
Jeannette L. Stroup

Jordan Township Democratic Committee-woman   -   Carol Ann Troisi
Lewis Township Auditor - Carol A. Prentiss          
Limestone Township Supervisor            -              Dale L. Winter
Limestone Township Constable               -             John H. Engel
Limestone Township Democratic Committee-man -
Arno D. Vosk
 Loyalsock Township 1 Judge of Elections                      -                      Jill M. Keller
Loyalsock Township 2 Judge of Elections              -                       Mellodee Steele

Loyalsock Township 4 Democratic Committee-man        -        Frederick W. Schulze
Loyalsock Township 4 Democratic Committee-woman - Rebecca 'Sprite' McLaughlin
Loyalsock Township 6 Democratic Committee-man           -          Leonard R. Collins
Loyalsock Township 6 Democratic Committee-woman         -         Regina M. Collins
McHenry Twp. Judge of Elections - Deborah L. Kershner
McIntyre Township Supervisors - Daniel P. Clark; Gary T. Jones
 McIntyre Township Inspector of Elections      -      Roseann Engel
McIntyre Township Tax Collector            -           Cindy M. Black

McNett Township Constable - John H. Brandenberger lll
McNett Township Auditor   -  John H. Brandenberger III
Mifflin Township Auditor - Suzanne E. Forcey

Mill Creek Township Democratic Committee- man     -      Joseph O. Smith
Mill Creek Township Democratic Committee-woman -
Elizabeth A. Downey
Montgomery Borough Mayor                   -                      Robert M. Hoover
Montgomery Borough Council                      -                        Amber N. Wilt

Montgomery Borough Council                  -                      Lamont W. Wertz
Montgomery Borough Democratic Committee-woman - Marissa K-N Dietrich
Montoursville Borough 1 Democratic Committee-woman -
Judith A. Brague Deacon
Montoursville Borough Ward 1 Judge of Elections         -                 Linda A. Keyte

Montoursville Borough 3 Constable                   -                   Harold E. Gottshall ll
Montoursville Borough 3 Democratic Committee-man         -         James M. Vanik
Moreland Township Constable                -              Dale R. Sones
Moreland Township Democratic Committee-man -
George Holecek
Moreland Township Democratic Committee-woman - Yvon Holecek

Muncy Borough Council  Members - Matilda L. Noviello; Karen Richards
Muncy Creek Township Constable     -    Zachary J. Barto

Muncy Township Tax Collector - Ann L. Smith
Muncy Township Auditor    -   Edith A. Gilbert

Nippenose Township Democratic Committee-man    -   Stephen K. Muthler
Nippenose Township Democratic Committee-woman - Deborah A. Muthler
Old Lycoming Township Supervisors    -    Sam R. Aungst; Linda D. Mazzullo
Old Lycoming Township 1 Democratic Committee-man     -    David C. Raker

Old Lycoming Township 2 Democratic Committee-woman - Amber J. Fagles
Penn Township Supervisor                 -                 Keith L. Shaner
Penn Township Auditor                  -                    Kathie J. Frantz
Penn Township Auditor (2-yr)              -              Cindy K. Shaner
Penn Township Democratic Committee-woman - Alison M. Rupert
Piatt Township Auditor - Darrin Haldeman
Picture Rocks Borough Council                     -                   Linda Sosniak
Picture Rocks Borough Council                   -                Nancy A. Dorman

Picture Rocks Borough Democratic Committee-woman -
Linda K. Sosniak

Plunketts Creek Township Supervisors -  Raymond F. Lewis Jr.; Thomas L. Schafer
Porter Twp. Judge of Elections - Ann M. Green

Salladasburg Borough Mayor                         -                          Douglas Ellsworth
Salladasburg Borough Council - Jeffery L. Peters, David S. Flook, Todd L. Whitehill
 Salladasburg Auditor (4-yr)                               -                              Gary L. Heyd

Shrewsbury Township Supervisor   -   Garry G. Ryder
Shrewsbury Twp. Judge of Elections - Dale E. Hessler
Shrewsbury Township Constable  - Larry C. Peterman

 South Williamsport Borough
Mayor                        -                        David J. Lechniak
South Williamsport Borough Council (Ward 3)               -                J. Bernard Schelb

South Williamsport Borough 2-1 Dem. Committee-woman - Carie Plankenhorn Choate
South Williamsport Borough 2-2 Democratic Committee-woman   -   Nancy W. Larson
South Williamsport Borough 3 Democratic Committee-man    -
    Robert I. Herzenberg
South Williamsport Borough 3 Judge of Elections               -              Allen Dougherty

Susquehanna Township Supervisor - Michael L. Steinbacher
Susquehanna Twp. Tax Collector     -       Yvonne L. Markle

Upper Fairfield Township Supervisor                   -                  Myron H. Ellison
Upper Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-man       -       C. Fred Welch
Upper Fairfield Township Democratic Committee-woman - Roxanne Y. Criswell
Washington Township Supervisor -
Kenneth J. Bashista; George J. Ulrich
Washington Twp. Inspector of Elections        -         Sandra J. Foresman
Washington Twp. Tax Collector                -                 Nancy J. Bashista
Watson Twp. Judge of Elections - Connie R. Moore
Watson Township Auditor  -  Alice L. Norman (4-yr)
Watson Township Auditor - Dawn M. Hedges (2-yr)

Wolf Township Supervisor                    -                     Dean L. Barto
Wolf Township Constable                  -                 
Robert D. Kolbrich
Wolf Twp. Judge of Elections               -               Martin E. McCabe
Wolf Twp. Inspector of Elections                -             Patricia Lauchle
Wolf Twp. Tax Collector                   -                  Melanie N. McCoy
Wolf Twp. Auditor                        -                            David W. Figlo

Wolf Township Democratic Committee-man     -     Scott C. Aderhold
Wolf Township Democratic Committee-woman -
Leann M. Karschner
Woodward Twp. Judge of Elections               -               Marsha F. Bergman
Woodward Twp. Inspector of Elections             -             Peggy A. Mahaffey

Woodward Township Democratic Committee-man  -   Kevin E. Dunklemerger

This page is under construction; please check back for more Democratic office holders.

Verna Caruso, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Tom Praster, Vice Chair
Alison Rupert, Secretary
State Committee Person:  David C. Raker