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Donald TRUMP is breaking all previous records (by three
 times) for nominating young CONSERVATIVE judges.
It is imperative that we elect DEMOCRATIC judges,

 the last line of defense to protect our rights and values!

 Judge Dwayne D. Woodruff  ENDORSED by PA Democratic Party,
                                                                        Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.
  Justice Debra McCloskey Todd
  ENDORSED by PA Democratic Party

(vote for these FOUR):
Judge Deborah A. Kunselman 
ENDORSED by PA Democratic Party,
                                                                        Highly Recommemnded by PA Bar Assoc.
Judge Maria McLaughlin  ENDORSED by PA Democratic Party,
                                                                         Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.

Justice H. Geoffrey Moulton Jr.  ENDORSED by PA Democratic Party,
                                                                              Highly Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.

Judge Carolyn Nichols  ENDORSED by PA Democratic Party,
                                                                    Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.
(vote for TWO):

   Judge Ellen Ceisler  https://www.ceislerforpa.com/
                                                                 Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.
  Judge Irene Clark  http://www.irenemclarkforjudge.com/

For Williamsport City Council (vote for ALL THREE):
Liz Miele (incumbent)
City Councilmember, Owner/Executive Chef of Peter Herdic House

           Matilda Noviello  read article
Addictions Counselor at Williamsport Family Medical Center

  Derek J. Slaughter       read article
WAHS Mathmatics Teacher and Varsity Coach

For Mayor:
Montgomery Borough - Robert M. Hoover
Salladasburg Borough -
Leslie L. Whitehill
South Williamsport Borough - David J. Lechniak

For Twp. Supervisor or Borough Council:

Clinton Twp. - Edward E. Ferguson
                        Richard S. Kneedler
                    Cummings Twp. - John L. Gasperine
Jackson Twp. - Troy A. Repard
Jordan Twp. - Gregory R. Stroup
Montgomery Borough - Amber N. Wilt
Muncy Borough - William J. Burns ll
                       Old Lycoming Twp. - Linda D. Mazzullo
 Picture Rocks Borough - Linda Kay Sosniak     LinkedIn profile
Plunketts Creek Twp. - Raymond F. Lewis Jr.
                                  Thomas L. Schafer

Salladasburg Borough - Jeffery L. Peters
                                         Todd L. Whitehill
Shrewsbury Twp. - Garry G. Ryder
South Williamsport Borough- J. Bernard Schelb
Washington Twp. - George J. Ulrich

For School Board

East Lycoming Region 1 -
Michael A. Mamrak
East Lycoming Region 3 - Lisa K. McClintock
Loyalsock Township - Chip Edmonds
John B. Raymond
                                        - Melvin E. Wentzel
Montgomery Region 1 - Jonathan DeSantis
Montoursville Region 2 -
Susan Beery
Muncy Borough -
Lisa A. Sleboda
South Williamsport Region 1 - Airneezer Page - profile HERE
South Williamsport Region 3 - Cathy Bachman
 Williamsport Area -  Charles R. "Chuck" Black https://www.facebook.com/ChuckBlackforWilliamsport/
                                  Dr. Nancy Story Somers

for Election Official
(this section under construction)
 Armstrong Twp. Judge of Elections -
Barbara A. Naughton
Bastress Twp. Inspector of Elections - Elizabeth L. Dincher

Brady Twp. Judge of Elections - JoAnn Murray
                             Inspector of Elections - Barbara L. Sear
Brown Twp. Judge of Elections - Eleanor L. Paucke
Cascade Twp. Judge of Elections - Dona M. Blair
                                  Inspector of Elections -
Marie J. Jacoby
Clinton Twp. 2 Inspector of Elections - Tami A. Mausteller
 Cogan House Twp. 2 Inspector of Elections - Nanette B. Quimby
 Eldred Twp. Inspector of Elections - Louann M. Confer
Franklin Twp. Inspector of Elections - Hope D. Adams
Gamble Twp. Inspector of Elections - Donna Schmouder
Hepburn Twp. Judge of Elections - Clyde W. Schon
                              Inspector of Elections - Fern L. Schon

Jackson Twp. Inspector of Elections -
Constance S. Brion
Jersey Shore 3 Judge of Elections - Nina L. Simcox
Jersey Shore 4 Inspector of Elections - Robert L. Smith
 Jordan Twp. Inspector of Elections - Mildred Gordner
Lewis Twp. Inspector of Elections -
Constance I. Andrews
Limestone Twp. Inspector of Elections - Carolyn J. Lorson
Loyalsock Twp. 1 Judge of Elections - Jill M. Keller
Loyalsock Twp. 2 Judge of Elections - Mellodee Steele
Loyalsock Twp. 1 Inspector of Elections - Evelyn Jean Schrack
Loyalsock Twp. 4 Inspector of Elections - Norma Jean Mccoy
Lycoming Twp. Inspector of Elections - Nisha Brelsford
McHenry Twp. Judge of Elections - Deborah L. Kershner
                               Inspector of Elections - Margaret Kershner
McIntyre Twp. Inspector of Elections - Roseann Engel
Mifflin Twp. Inspector of Elections - Cynthia A. Bruce
(this section under construction)

Tax Collector
(this section under construction)

Cascade Twp. - Sandra L. McNeil
McIntyre Twp. - Cindy M. Black
(this section under construction)

2018 Candiate For U.S. REPRESENTATIVE:
Judy Herschel  https://www.jhcampaign.com/



Democratic Candidates: to submit your photo click HERE

Verna Caruso, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Tom Praster, Vice Chair
Alison Rupert, Secretary
State Committee Person:  David C. Raker