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Democracy is on the ballot. Vote to protect your rights.
Elections this year will be determined by our rural margins!

Find your Nov. 8th, 2022 Voting Place and Sample Ballot (TBA)

          for US SENATE:   
                     John FETTERMAN  
(vs Republican: Oz)

        Josh SHAPIRO
                    Austin DAVIS 
(vs Republicans: Mastriano and DelRosso)                                     
for Representative in CONGRESS (US House)
District 9 -EASTERN 1/3 of Lycoming County:
(vs Republican: Meuser)

District 15 - CENTRAL & WESTERN 2/3 of Lycoming County
(Williamsport Ward 05 (PARTS), Duboistown, Jersey Shore, Salladasburg, South Williamsport
Anthony, Armstrong, Bastress, Brady, Brown, Cascade, Cogan House, Cummings, Gamble, Hepburn, Jackson, Lewis, Limestone, Lycoming,
McHenry, McIntyre, McNett, Mifflin, Nippenose, Old Lycoming, Piatt, Pine, Porter, Susquehanna, Washington, Watson and Woodward)

     Mike MOLESEVICH  (vs. Republican: Thompson)

for Representative in GENERAL ASSEMBLY (PA House)
District 83
(Williamsport, South Williamsport, Duboistown, Montgomery, Armstrong, Brady, Clinton, Loyalsock, Susquehanna, Washington):
 (vs. Republican: Flick)

District 84
(Remainder of Lycoming County, surrounding District 83):

(vs. Republican: Hamm)
Don't Get Mad; Get Elected

YOU Can RUN! We will help you.
 Please call/text LCDC Chair Linda Sosniak 272-203-0769
or email info@LycoDemocrats.org

See How to Run for Local Office HERE

 Free Training online HERE
McKenna Long, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Ross Hemmendinger,
Vice Chair
Amanda Waldman, Secretary
State Democratic Committee-person:  David C. Raker