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Positions open for May 21, 2019 Municipal Primary Election:
 State - Justice Supreme Court, Judge Superior & Commonwealth Courts,
Judge Court of Common Pleas, District Justice.

-  3 Commissioners, District Attorney, Controller, Treasurer,
Coroner, Prothonotary, Register & Recorder.  

Williamsport City-  
Mayor,  4 Council-members, Treasurer, Controller.
- Borough Council-members, Township Supervisors,
             some Auditors, Tax Collectors and Constables.
School Districts -
Directors (School Board-members).

Click HERE to see Borough and Township Officials whose terms expire in 2019).
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Democrats believe that government can be a force for good;
 and that public service is a noble calling. Much is on the line this year.
Workers' rights, voting rights, affordable health care and programs like Medicare,
Medicaid and Social Security could all be at risk.
Democrats will keep fighting for the best interests of all Pennsylvanians, not just the top 1%.

RESULTS of the recent Nov. 6, 2018 Election:
(Click on candidates' names to link to their websites)
ELECTED! U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania:
Senator Robert P. Casey 
(opponent: Republican candidate Barletta)
Endorsed/Recommended by
PA AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood PA, Equality PA,
End Citizens United, Sustainable Politician Project (ecology), Clean Water Action, 
League of Conservation Voters (2017 Environmental Score:100%)

(Republican opponent Barletta is on League of Conservation Voters "Dirty Dozen" list
 of the 12 worst anti-environment candidates.)

ELECTED! Governor of Pennsylvania
Headshot Wolf, Tom2 Governor Tom Wolf  (opponent: Republican candidate Wagner)
Endorsed/Recommended by
PA AFL-CIO, PA Conference of Teamsters,
PA Fraternal Order of Police, Planned Parenthood PA, PA NOW,
International Association of Firefighters & The PA Professional Firefighters Assoc.,
Everytown for Gun Safety, VoteProChoice, Equality PA,
Clean Water Action, Human Rights Campaign
See Gov. Wolf's record

(Republican opponent Wagner scored 0% (ZERO) on environmental votes, 2017-2018)

ELECTED! Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania:
John Fetterman
, Braddock Mayor
(opponent: Republican candidate Bartos)
Endorsed/Recommended by:
Planned Parenthood PA, United Steel Workers Pennsylvania,
Equality PA, NORML, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ed Rendell (former PA Gov.)
 (CONCEDED to Republican candidate Marino) 
Representative in U.S. Congress for the 12th District,
(includes ALL of Lycoming County):
Marc Friedenberg, Esq.   
Attorney, Penn State Professor (Cyber Security, Security Law and Privacy Law)
Watch this VIDEO: Where Marc Friedenberg Stands
VIDEO: Marc Friedenberg, expert on the cyber security crisis
VIDEO:  opponent Marino takes drug money; passes bill worsening opioid crisis
Washington Post article: opponent Marino, Opioid Industry Advocate        
Marc Friedenberg is Endorsed/Recommended by:
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO,  AFSCME District Council 86 (AFL-CIO),
Scranton Times-Tribune,   Seven Mts.Central Labor Council,
Moms Demand Action (Gun Sense), Planned Parenthood PA,
PA American Federation of Labor and Congress of Indusrial Organizations,
Demand Universal Healthcare, Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania,
Vice Admiral Joe Sestak,  Doug Mason (Centre County Green Party),
Sustainable Politician Project (Ecology)
(Republican opponent Marino scored 0% (ZERO) on environmental votes, 2017)
(Marino's law weakened the Drug Enforcement Agency and increased illegal opiods.)

(CONCEDED to elected Republican candidate Wheeland)
Representative in the PA General Assembly
for 83rd District
(greater Williamsport area):
Airneezer Page
South Williamsport Area School Director, Financial Professional,
Healthcare Professional, Community Connection leader,
Host of WXPI Radio "Let's Talk",

Committed to the American Anti-Corruption Act                         

 (CONCEDED to elected Republican candidate Everett):
Representative in the PA General Assembly
for 84th District (rural Lycoming County):
Linda Sosniak 

Picture Rocks Borough Council-member, retired USPS Postmaster,
former Secretary/Treasurer of the National Association of Postmasters
and USPS Disaster Coordinator for the Southeast United States

Endorsed/Recommended by:
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO,     AFSCME District Council 86 (AFL-CIO),
PA State Education Association (PSEA),  Northern Tier Central Labor Council, 
Central PA Building & Construction Trades Council (34 Unions), 
    Planned Parenthood PA,   Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 5,
 Keystone State United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1776,
Moms Demand Action,  Boilermakers Local 13
Committed to the American Anti-Corruption Act



Bob Herzenberg, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Morgan Allyn, Vice Chair
Alison Rupert, Secretary
State Democratic Committee-person:  David C. Raker