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* * * Democratic Candidates - 2021 Primary * * *

The Lycoming County Democratic Committee may nominate candidates to appear on the November 2021 ballot:
1. Pine Township Supervisor
                                   2. School Director, South Williamsport (Region 2)
Interested Candidates -please contact Chair Linda Sosniak    lsosniak@comcast.net    272-203- 0769

ON the MAY 18, 2021 BALLOT:
Proposed Constitutional Amendment – Article III, Section 9
Relating to Termination or Extension of Disaster Emergency Declarations

Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to change existing law and increase the power of the General Assembly to unilaterally terminate
or extend a disaster emergency declaration – and the powers of Commonwealth agencies to address the disaster regardless of its severity pursuant to that declaration – through passing a concurrent resolution by simple majority, thereby removing the existing check and balance of presenting a resolution to the Governor for approval or disapproval?
Recommended Vote: NO

Proposed Constitutional Amendment – Article IV Disaster Emergency Declaration and Management
Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to change existing law so that: a disaster emergency declaration will expire automatically after 21 days, regardless of the severity of the emergency, unless the General Assembly takes action to extend the disaster emergency; the Governor may not declare a new disaster emergency to respond to the dangers facing the Commonwealth unless the General Assembly passes a concurrent resolution; the General Assembly enacts new laws for disaster management?    Recommended Vote: NO

 Proposed Constitutional Amendment – Article I
Prohibition Against Denial or Abridgement of Equality of Rights Because of Race or Ethnicity

Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended by adding a new section providing that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of an individual's race or ethnicity? Recommended Vote: YES  

Williamsport City Candidates
Council-members (vote for 3):
             Dave BANKS
 (click photo for more info)
  Jeana LONGO, Esq. (click photo for more info)
   Larry MANSON  (click photo for more info)   
              Liz MIELE
  (click photo for more info)
Williamsport (9th Ward) Inspector of Elections:  Robin Reena BARNES
Williamsport (10th Ward) Inspector of Elections: Constance E. ROBINSON
Williamsport (11th Ward) Judge of Elections: June K. ZIMMERMAN
                                Inspector of Elections: Lisa M. Nible
 Williamsport (12th Ward) Judge of Elections: 
Barbara G. WEISS
Williamsport (13th Ward) Judge of Elections: Pamela R. JENSEN
Borough Candidates
Hughesville (2nd Ward) Council:
  McKenna LONG
Jersey Shore (3rd Ward) Council: Kimberly A. SCOTT
                                                       John SHIREMAN
Jersey Shore (3rd Ward) Judge of Elections: Kimberly A. SCOTT
Montoursville (1st Ward) Judge of Elections: Christine FREI
Inspector of Elections: Victoria J. REED
Montoursville (2nd Ward) Judge of Elections: Theresa BECKMAN
 Inspector of Elections: Sara BECKMAN
Montoursville (3rd Ward) Inspector of Elections: Julie A. QUICK
Muncy (1st Precinct) Judge of Elections: Frances W. McJUNKIN
Inspector of Elections: Maryanne TILLOTSON

Picture Rocks Council: David S. HITESMAN
                                              Linda K. SOSNIAK
 Judge of Elections: David A. WHITCOMB
Salladasburg Council: Todd WHITEHILL
South Williamsport (1st Ward) Council: Lee D. BERNSTEIN
South Williamsport (2nd Ward/2nd Precinct) Inspector of Elections:
                                                                Debra DAVIDSON
South Williamsport (3rd Ward) Council:   Stacey (Shope) LOSELL
(click photo)
Judge of Elections: Heather R. MYERS
School District Directors
East Lycoming (Region 1):
Michael A. MAMRAK
East Lycoming (Region 2): Tara T. BUEBENDORF
East Lycoming (Region 3): Lisa McCLINTOCK
Jersey Shore (Region 3): Michael R. ALLEN
Loyalsock Township: Chip EDMONDS
                                                  Robert D. LEIDHECKER
                                            Melvin E. WENTZEL

Montgomery Area (Region 1): Jonathan DeSANTIS

Montoursville Area (Region 3): Joshua YOUNG
South Williamsport (Region 1): 
South Williamsport (Region 3): Cathy BACHMAN
Williamsport: Caleb E. BLANK
                                                    Voncier C. DEVORE-GAMMAGE
                                   Barbara Davis REEVES
                     Fatima ROYAL
                            Kimberly THOMAS
                             Scott R. WILLIAMS

Township Candidates
Cascade Judge of Elections:
Clinton Tax Collector:
                            Inspector of Elections: Tammy MAUSTELLER
Eldred Inspector of Elections: Louann CONFER

Franklin Auditor:
Gamble Inspector of Elections: Donna SCHMOUDER
Hepburn Judge of Elections: Clyde W. SCHON
               Inspector of Elections: Fern SCHON
Hughesville (1st Ward) Judge of Elections: Walter REED
                                                         Inspector of Elections: Nancy Starr HODGE
Jackson Inspector of Elections: Constance S. BRION
Jordan Inspector of Elections: Kathleen HUNSINGER
Limestone Supervisor: Dale L. WINTER

Loyalsock Supervisor:   Lauren Baumann FRISCO
(click photo for more info)
(1st Precinct) Judge of Elections: Jill M. KELLER
(2nd Precinct) Judge of Elections: Mellodee STEELE
Inspector of Elections: Todd ERB
                                                                                                       Stephanie STEELE
(5th Precinct) Judge of Elections: Susan E. LITTLE
(6th Precinct) Inspector of Elections:
                                                                               Patricia A. REASNER-CHESNUT
Lycoming Inspector of Elections: Lisa G. BAIRD
McHenry Judge of Elections:
Deborah L. KERSHNER                      
                          Inspector of Elections:
Margaret M. KERSNER
McIntyre Tax Collector: Cindy BLACK
                                   Inspector of Elections: Roseann ENGEL
Mifflin Judge of Elections:
Kelly L. GLENN
Mill Creek Inspector of Elections: Dolly DELKER
Moreland Inspector of Elections:
Muncy Creek Inspector of Elections:
Muncy Township Inspector of Elections: Diane M. QUIGLEY
Nippenose Inspector of Elections:
Susan J. ZINCK
Old Lycoming Inspector of Elections:
Judith FINK
Penn Supervisor:
Inspector of Elections: Cindy SHANER
Plunketts Creek Inspector of Elections: Debra SNELL
                  Susquehanna Supervisor: Michael L. STEINBACHER                             
           Tax Collector:
Yvonne L. MARKLE      
                    Inspector of Elections: Connie L. DEISHER
Upper Fairfield Inspector of Elections: Sandra Niklaus ECK
Washington Tax Collector: Nancy J. BASHISTA
Watson Judge of Elections: Connie MOORE
                        Inspector of Elections: Wilbur L. MOORE
Wolf Inspector of Elections: Patricia LAUCHLE
Woodward Judge of Elections: Marsha F. BERGMAN
                             Inspector of Elections: William W. FENDERSON
Magisterial District Judge (29-1-01): Christian D. FREY
PA Supreme Court Judge:
Judge Maria McLAUGHLIN (click photo for more info)
- Current Judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court,

Endorsed by PA Democratic Party, "Highly Rcommended" by PA Bar Association
PA Superior Court Judge (vote for 1):
Attorney Jill BECK   (click photo for more info)
- Served ten years as a law clerk for the Honorable Christine Donohue
(on PA Superior Court then on PA Supreme Court), current civil litigation lwyer in Pittsburgh,

 "Recommended" by PA Bar Association

Judge Timika LANE  (click photo for more info)
Current Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia,
former Chief Council for PA State Senator (Democratic Whip) Anthony Williams,
Recommended" by PA Bar Association
   Attorney Bryan N
(click photo for more info)
Current civil litigation lawyer in Pittsburgh,
former President of the Allegheny County Bar Association'
"Recommended" by PA Bar Association

PA Commonwealth Court Judges (vote for 2):
   Judge Lori DUMAS   (click photo for more info)
Current Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County,
"Recommended" by PA Bar Association

  Attorney Amanda GREEN-HAWKINS (click photo for more info)
Attorney for United Steelworkers;
former Allegheny County Councilwoman

   Judge David SPURGEON  (click photo for more info)
Current Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in
Allegheny County,
Endorsed by PA Democratic Party, "Highly Recommended" by PA Bar Association

Judge Sierra STREET   (click photo for more info)
  - Current Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County,
 "Recommended" by PA Bar Association

[NOTE: This "Candidates" page is under construction.]

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John Shireman, Vice Chair
Alison Rupert, Secretary
State Democratic Committee-person:  David C. Raker