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(Unofficial Results)

RETAINED - PA Supreme Court:
   Justice Debra McCloskey Todd 
(in line to become PA's first female Chief Justice !)
                  ENDORSED by PA Bar Assoc., PA AFL-CIO, PA State Troopers Assoc.,
PA Fraternal Order of Police, Conservation Voters of PA,  Planned Parenthood PA,
SEIU Healthcare PA, PSEA/PA, National Assoc. of Social Workers

ELECTED - PA Superior Court:
(We doubled the number of Democrats on that bench!)
  Judge Deborah A. Kunselman 
   Highly Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.
 ENDORSED by PA AFL-CIO, PA Fraternal Order of Police,  PA Teamsters,
SEIU Healthcare PA, Planned Parenthood PA

Judge Maria McLaughlin  
Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.
ENDORSED by PA AFL-CIO, PA Fraternal Order of Police, PA State Troopers,
PA Teamsters, PA Building & Construction Trades Council, Planned Parenthood PA,
SEIU Healthcare PA, PA NOW, Philadelphia Gay News


Judge Carolyn Nichols  
 Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.
ENDORSED by PA AFL-CIO, Planned Parenhood PA, PA NOW,
SEIU Healthcare PA, Philadelphia Gay News

ELECTED -  PA Commonwealth Court:

   Judge Ellen Ceisler 
Recommended by PA Bar Assoc.
 ENDORSED by PA AFL-CIO, PA Fraternal Order of Police,  Conservation Voters of PA,
PA NOW, Planned Parenthood PA, PSEA, PA Building Trades, SEIU Healthcare PA,
Philadelphia Gay News, PA Sierra Club, United Coal Miners of America/PA

ELECTED - Williamsport (County Seat):

Williamsport City Council: 
(We now have TWO Democrats on City Council !)

Liz Miele (incumbent)
City Council-member, Chair of Finance Committeee and Historic Preservations Committee
Owner/Executive Chef of Peter Herdic House
       Derek J. Slaughter       read article
WAHS Mathmatics Teacher and Varsity Coach

Williamsport Ward 3 Judge of Elections - William F. McConnell
Williamsport Ward 3 Inspector of Elections - Mark Stephens
Williamsport Ward 4 Judge of Elections - William Walker, Jr.
Williamsport Ward 4 Inspector of Elections - Stiles Miller
Williamsport Ward 8 Inspector of Elections - Ann M. Allison
Williamsport Ward 10 Inspector of Elections - Janice D. Kuzio
Williamsport Ward 11 Inspector of Elections - Bonita C. Mahoney
Williamsport Ward 13 Judge of Elections - Alison Duncan Hirsch
Williamsport Ward 15 Judge of Elections - Theresa Neylon
Williamsport Ward 16 Judge of Elections - Pamela R. Jensen
Williamsport Ward 17 Judge of Elections - June K. Zimmerman

WILLIAMSPORT Charter Commissioner:
F. Patrick Marty

WILLIAMSPORT Government Study Commissioner:
Matilda Noviello
Jennifer Ayers
Alison Duncan Hirsch
Margaret Tupper
Ralph Mark Stephens
Ardis J. P. Mason

ELECTED - County Area School Boards:
 East Lycoming Region 1 -
Michael A. Mamrak

East Lycoming Region 3 - Lisa K. McClintock
 Loyalsock Township - Chip Edmonds
John B. Raymond
Melvin E. Wentzel
 Montgomery Region 1 -
Jonathan DeSantis
 Montoursville Region 2 - Susan Beery
 Muncy Borough -
Lisa A. Sleboda
South Williamsport Region 1 -
Airneezer Page   profile HERE
South Williamsport Region 3 -
Cathy Bachman

      Williamsport School Board -Dr. Nancy Story Somers  

ELECTED - Borough and Township Officials:
 Armstrong Twp. Judge of Elections -
Barbara A. Naughton

Brady Twp. Judge of Elections - JoAnn Murray
         Brown Twp. Judge of Elections - Eleanor L. Paucke
Cascade Twp. Judge of Elections - Dona M. Blair
Cascade Twp. Tax Collector - Sandra L. McNeil
   Eldred Twp. Inspector of Elections - Louann M. Confer
Hepburn Twp. Judge of Elections - Clyde W. Schon
   Hepburn Twp. Inspector of Elections - Fern L. Schon

Jackson Twp. Supervisor -
Troy A. Repard
Jersey Shore 3 Judge of Elections -
Nina L. Simcox
Jordan Twp. Supervisor - Gregory R. Stroup
Loyalsock Twp. 1 Judge of Elections - Jill M. Keller
Loyalsock Twp. 2 Judge of Elections - Mellodee Steele
McHenry Twp. Judge of Elections - Deborah L. Kershner
   McIntyre Twp. Inspector of Elections - Roseann Engel
McIntyre Twp. Tax Collector - Cindy M. Black
Montgomery Borough Mayor - Robert M. Hoover
Montgomery Borough Council - Amber N. Wilt
Montoursville Ward 1 Judge of Elections - Linda A. Keyte
Muncy Twp. Tax Collector - Ann L. Smith
Picture Rocks Borough Council- Linda Kay Sosniak  LinkedIn
Picture Rocks Borough Council  - WRITE IN: Nancy A. Dorman
Plunketts Creek Twp. Supervisor - Raymond F. Lewis Jr.
Plunketts Creek Twp. Supervisor - Thomas L. Schafer
Porter Twp. Judge of Elections - Ann M. Green
Salladasburg Borough Council - Jeffery L. Peters
 Salladasburg Borough Council -Todd L. Whitehill
Shrewsbury Twp. Supervisor- Garry G. Ryder
Shrewsbury Twp. Judge of Elections - Dale E. Hessler
South Williamsport Borough Mayor - David J. Lechniak

South Williamsport Borough Ward 3 Council
- J. Bernard Schelb

South Williamsport Ward 3 Judge of Elections - Allen Dougherty
Susquehanna Twp. Tax Collector - Yvonne L. Markle
Washington Twp. Supervisor - George J. Ulrich
Washington Twp. Inspector of Elections - Sandra J. Foresman
Washington Twp. Tax Collector - Nancy J. Bashista
Watson Twp. Judge of Elections - Connie R. Moore
Watson Twp. Tax Collector - Dawn Hedges
Wolf Twp. Judge of Elections - Martin E. McCabe
Wolf Twp. Inspector of Elections - Patricia Lauchle
Wolf Twp. Tax Collector - Melanie N. McCoy
Wolf Twp. Auditor - David W. Figlo
Woodward Twp. Judge of Elections - Marsha F. Bergman
Woodward Twp. Inspector of Elections - Peggy A. Mahaffey

Candidates for 2018 ELECTION:
U.S. Senator for PA:
Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.

 U.S. R
epresentative for 10th District (incl. Lycoming County):
Judy Herschel  https://www.jhcampaign.com/

Governor of PA:
Headshot Wolf, Tom2 Governor Tom Wolf (incumbent) 



Democratic Candidates: to submit your photo click HERE

Verna Caruso, Chair
Steve Muthler, Treasurer
Tom Praster, Vice Chair
Alison Rupert, Secretary
State Committee Person:  David C. Raker